Choose from our three fundamental masterclasses: "Fire", "Wilderness Cooking", and "Tools: Knives & Axes". Each masterclasse requires no previous experience to benefit from and will guide the viewer from the very basics to advanced skills.


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Course one - Forestcraft
5 videos Duration: 1h 1m

Laura and Ed are excited to share some of their favourite forestcraft activities to do with the kids, this is an accessible masterclass for children and adults alike, five 10-20 minute lessons in everything from den making to sourcing and painting with natural materials.

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Tools: Knives and Axes

Course two - Tools: Knives and Axes
4 videos Duration: 4h 5m

Mastery of tools unlocks your bushcraft potential. Ed and Steven take you on a journey into a world of knives and axes with techniques, skills and projects such as knife-making and spoon carving.

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Course three - Fire
4 videos Duration: 3h 21m

This fundamentals masterclass covers materials collection, fire-lighting techniques, all types of ignition and fire lays, and three methods of lighting fire-by-friction.

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Wilderness Cooking

Course four - Wilderness Cooking
4 videos Duration: 3h 1m

Wilderness Cooking is a foray into venison, pigeon, smoked meats, pies, stews and a range of cooking techniques such as Hangi and ammo box ovens.

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