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New masterclass for families and kids

Forestcraft featuring Laura Brand

Laura and Ed are excited to share some of their favourite forestcraft activities to do with kids, this is an accessible masterclass for children and adults alike, five 10-20 minute lessons in everything from den making to sourcing and painting with natural materials.


Tools: Knives and Axes

Mastery of tools unlocks your bushcraft potential. Ed and Steven take you on a journey into a world of knives and axes with techniques, skills and projects such as knife-making and spoon carving.



A fire transforms a woodland clearing into a campsite. This fundamentals masterclass covers materials collection, fire-lighting techniques, all types of ignition and fire lays, and three methods of lighting fire-by-friction.


Wilderness Cooking

Wilderness Cooking is a foray into venison, pigeon, smoked meats, pies, stews and a range of cooking techniques such as Hangi and ammo box ovens.

The perfect gift
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"Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime." These video masterclasses make the perfect gift that keeps on giving.


About Ed and Steven

Ed Stafford

Ed Stafford

Ed is the Guinness World Record-holding first human to walk the length of the Amazon River. He has gone on to become the face of survival on Discovery Channel and an internationally renowned survival expert. Ed’s passion lies in using bushcraft and the outdoors as a crucible for self-development and a tool for maintaining optimum mental health. Ed lives in Leicestershire with his adventurer wife Laura Bingham, son Ran and their twin girls Molly and Milly.

Steven Hanton

Steven Hanton

Steven is a highly regarded bushcraft instructor, consultant and expedition guide. He provides training and advice to individuals, tv productions and corporate clients, as well as leading commercial expeditions into the world’s most remote wilderness areas. Experienced in jungle, desert and arctic travel, Steven is a passionate champion of indigenous peoples for whom bushcraft is a way of life. As well as his encyclopaedic bushcraft knowledge, Steven is a qualified mountain guide, canoe coach, internationally certified wildlife tracker and trained in wilderness medicine. He spends his spare time building traditional wood and canvas canoes, and paddling Britain’s fabulous waterways with his partner and their two sons.

Laura Brand

Laura Brand

Laura Brand is an illustrator and mum of two. She shares her crafty experiments and creative ideas for everyday play on her platform The Joy Journal and has led workshops for children and adults at Fearne Cotton's Happy Place Festival, Port Elliot and others. Laura lives in the countryside with her husband, their two daughters, two dogs, two cats and chickens. Home is a place of muddy boots, abundant jars of play dough and hand-painted 'welcome' banners above the doors. With chaos and calm in equal measure, Laura aspires to guide her children in the joy of play as well as mindfulness. Laura has found that having her own creative outlet, as well as facilitating a space for the creativity of her girls, has been a welcome tonic.

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