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Forest Skills with Ed Stafford and Steven Hanton is a series of free lessons in outdoor skills for families and children every weekday during lockdown. You can join in on our YouTube channel @onlinebushcraft.

Each day at 10am (after Joe Wicks!) Ed or Steven will teach half an our or so of stuff that you can do with you children that all involve being outdoors or engaging with nature.

This week (starting Monday 11th January) we have the following schedule:

Monday 11th
Ed will teach how to make mouth-watering choc’ chip bannock twisters and cook them over an open fire.

Tuesday 12th
Steven will teach how to carve a working tent peg from a simple block of wood.

Wednesday 13th
Ed is going to cover some incredible survival hacks such as how to make a working compass out of a needle, a bucket of water, and a leaf!

Thursday 14th
Steven will make a bow and arrow and take you through the whole process from materials selection to firing!

Friday 15th
Ed will finish the week off with some basic fire lighting tips and tricks such as making waterproof matches.

We really hope that this gives teachers, parents and kids something to look forward to each morning that then might lead to ideas for fun adventures in the garden or nearby park in the afternoon!

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